A & J King Bakery….and sticky bun overload!

Hey everyone! So there’s this bakery in Salem, MA called A & J King Bakery, and my mom and I go there at least 2 times a week to buy bread. It’s a little hidden, but you can notice it by following the smell of freshly baked bread and cinnamon. This is not your average Panera Bread, we’re talking about real-deal, authentic French baguettes and rolls baked fresh every single morning. You can even see the kitchen from a little window, and watch them make their bread. If you come early enough, you’ll get a baguette that has just been taken out of the oven, and it’s still warm…it’s worth it, trust me.

A & J King Bakery: this way!

A & J King Bakery: this way!

Not only do they have amazing, crusty on the outside, soft, chewy, and light in the inside bread, but they’re also famous for their sticky buns! First of all, who doesn’t love sticky buns, second of all, they’re as big as your head, and, if you still need more reasons to buy one, they are mind-blowingly delicious. Yes, mind-blowing. As in, probably the best sticky bun I’ve ever had in my life! You can get it either plain or with walnuts. I personally prefer the crunchy, toasted walnuts embedded in the flaky, caramelized dough with swirls of gooey, brown sugar-cinnamon-y goodness. And, if you’re lucky, it has just been taken out of the oven and is still warm. When first seeing it, you will probably think to yourself: “No way I’m eating that whole thing!”. But then, five minutes later, you will find that you have already finished it and are licking the plate, and you will have no guilty feelings at all, despite soiled diet plans. They have magical powers.

But wait, there’s more, and I mean more! They also make…wait for it…sticky bun lattes! Yeah, you heard me. You may think it sounds strange, but not until you try it. Instead, you will be wondering how Starbucks never came up with this, because it just makes perfect sense. Dark roasted espresso topped with steamed milk, swirled with a mixture of caramel and cinnamon syrup, topped with whipped cream, and as if that weren’t good enough, topped with a spiral of rich, dark brown caramel. I’m sorry Starbucks, I love you, but I’m gonna have to go with this one instead. It’s just that good. And it actually really tastes like fresh-baked sticky buns, it’s truly amazing! If the weather is warm, you can also get it iced like I did, which is equally delicious and refreshing.

2013-05-28 09.52.37

Despite their bread and sticky buns, they also have a wide selection of other Parisian inspired treats, ranging from buttery croissants to delicate tarts and savory turnovers and quiches. They are all made with seasonally fresh fruit and vegetables, and are worth a try when you want to try something new. Plus, the people working there are super friendly and open, which just makes the whole experience even better. So, if you’re in the area, or you’re willing to go on a journey, it’s definitely worth it to swing by this charming little bakery. You’ll love it, and maybe you’ll even start a new routine!

Here’s the link to the website and how to find it:



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